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Talent Solutions Suite: Your One-Stop-Shop Development Partner

Want to build a new product?

Develop an existing one?

Adopt a digital-savvy approach?

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For start-ups


For Disruptors who are just starting or looking to scale up to meet the needs of new customers and markets, this model is perfect for you.

Your initial steps can be overwhelming, you have the funding but facing the conundrum of where to start, struggling with a tight budget, or clueless about the technical due diligence process our 'Ignition' model covers it all.


Discovery phase

In this initial phase, we would be focusing on the idea, design & validation of your product. We believe in keeping it clear from the start therefore our deliverables will include:
  • Vision & Scope
  • User Story Map
  • Design Concept
  • Architecture Diagram
  • Vision Document

Development phase

Then the cycle of coming up with ideas, building, and testing them out will start. With every try, we will learn and create an MVP that works for your users.

Continuous support & development

We don't leave your side after the launch and measure track usage and performance to understand how your product is being used. Based on our learnings we'll optimize the project and suggest a strategy you can avail to

Knowledge transfer

Following the trust, you have shown in us, once we have the final product you obtain the full ownership of it. Your dedicated team will make the transfer convenient and carry out a fast and effective process.

For enterprises


For CIOs and IT leaders, a chance to catch up on emerging technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, Voice User Interfaces, IoT, etc. We understand many reasons get in-between digital transformation, it could be the size of your organization, demographic categories, or the concerns regarding the inclusiveness of the digital transformation.

Talent Solutions steps in as your extended partner to help you stay ahead in the game and build your digital infrastructure.

Pick the right
technology fit

You're investing more than money - there is intelligence, time, and energy. We start by curating a discovery roadmap, choosing the best-suited technology stack, and kick-start the process.

Improving software performance

Our developers address the issues that are hindering your growth and identify solutions to bridge the gap. They initiate the boost that is required for you to catch-up the tech train.

Keeping the
process secure

Ensuring there are no extra headaches for you we provide you with proper safety, confidentiality, and data integrity of your solutions.

One for all


Maintaining a balance between speed and quality of engineering excellence has been the longest existing challenge regardless of size for various organizations. Companies due to such challenges are forced to trade-off and this creates an imprudent technical debt in the system. Our re-engineering model is for the one's who want to evolve and develop new functionalities, increase software performance, integrate user-friendly interface and replace outdated legacy software.

Product Modernisation Vision

Data & Technology Migration

Platform Transition